New food delivery services in the UAE: where to place an order and why

In a world of fast and comfortable living, food delivery services are becoming an integral part of our daily routine.

In the UAE, as well as in the CIS countries, there is its own system for ordering ready meals with delivery, which provides the user with the opportunity to enjoy great food right at home or in the office. Some of the most popular meal delivery in the UAE are Careem NOW, EatEasy and Deliveroo. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Careem NOW

Careem NOW is an additional option to the CareemTaxi taxi service, offering a quick order of ready-made food with delivery. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using the functionality based on taxi service standards, Careem NOW provides a reliable and convenient food ordering process. Users can track their order in real time and easily find current promotions and offers in establishments.


EatEasy is another great food delivery service covering all regions of the UAE. It offers a wide range of establishments where you can order not only ready-made food, but also groceries. Thanks to the convenient payment system, as well as the possibility of using cashback, users can enjoy high-quality food with maximum comfort and savings.


Deliveroo specializes in the delivery of ready-made food from various restaurants and other establishments. The service offers a wide selection of inexpensive traditional dishes, so everyone can find something to their liking. Deliveroo is active in different areas of Dubai, providing its customers with fast and convenient delivery.

Thanks to these excellent food delivery services, residents and visitors of the UAE can enjoy great dishes from various restaurants right at home or in the office, while saving time and energy for more important things.