Types of Bohemian Crystal and Its Benefits: How to Use Glassware

Bohemian crystal begins its history from the time when the present Czech Republic was called Bohemia. According to some reports, glass-blowing art originated in the 11th century.

At that time, there were very few craftsmen, so only wealthy people could afford such crystal. Now this noble material is available to everyone, and you can buy it at the bohemia crystal eshop. Czech glass has a number of positive qualities that make it stand out among the whole variety of glass. It is used to make not only dishes of impeccable transparency, wine glasses and cutlery, but also chandeliers, costume jewelry, and various products for interior decoration. In this article, you will learn about the advantages and types of Bohemian crystal.


  1. Flawless transparency. Crystal has a very clear transparency. This is achieved thanks to the sands of the Czech Republic, which contain a minimum of iron oxides.
  2. Emphasizes the style of the owner with Bohemian glass products. Such products do not look pretentious. Dishes and items for interior decoration are made in a simple form, often have stucco in the form of handles, figures or flowers.
  3. They have a special marking from the glass blower, which guarantees the authenticity of the material.
  4. A smooth surface that is pleasant to the touch and emphasizes the high cost of products. When making objects from Bohemian crystal, the presence of cracks, bumps and grains is not allowed.
  5. The dishes do not become cloudy during use and retain their attractive appearance for as long as possible.
  6. Products made from such glass have a thin seam, or none at all.
  7. Plays beautifully in the sun, creating iridescent highlights.
  8. It has a melodic ringing, which is characteristic only of genuine crystal.


There are several types of Bohemian glass. It is important to clarify that glass can be Czech and Bohemian. Bohemian material is produced in the west of modern Bohemia, where Bohemia used to be. Czech glass is produced throughout the rest of the territory. Both are of the highest quality and are of equal value.

Crystal is produced in several types:

  1. Smooth — no sanding.
  2. With grinding — has various types of grinding, exclusively handmade.
  3. Colored — several colors are applied to the transparent glass and the borders are polished.
  4. With decor — products are decorated with stucco or gold.